The Firm

SONY DSCThe Jefferson Law Firm, LLC was organized  to help the injured and unjustly charged obtain “Grace, Justice and Mercy”.

The firm was started by, Carthenia Jefferson, a nurse with twenty five (25) plus years experience who was thinking of how she can help serve the injured as well as those unjustly charged or those who believe they have been taken advantage of by an institution/business/employer and feel they have no voice or know how on how to obtain Justice.

Ms. Jefferson, a nurse of compassion, and senior attorney believes that Justice must be balanced with “Grace and Mercy” especially in the criminal arena for first time and Juvenile offenders. But in the civil arena responsible parties must be held accountable and the proper persons should be fairly compensated.  Ms. Jefferson is a strong advocate for Domestic Violence programs and Health Care Regulations that help the under-represented.

Since its inception, the firm has developed strong client and community relationships by providing quality, compassionate legal services.

The firm supports programs in the community dedicated to domestic violence and helping to serve the underserved and the under-represented in legal services, and health care.

The law firm represents clients throughout Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee.

“Remember your business is always valued at the Jefferson Law Firm, LLC”